Monday, August 30, 2010

Bad Day

Did not get picks up today. Was not the best day.  Did not get any crafting done or housework. Although I did a bunch of baking. I always seem to bake when I am happy or sad...go figure :D I made 3 dozen sugar cookies and have had 5 of them today.

So much has me down, but I am trying to not let it keep me down. I have been talking with my hubby and a couple friends from high school trying to get some perspective on things. I made some changes in friends today and have started talking about making changes in my daily life. I need to take better care of myself and start taking better care of my house and yard. I just get so down that I  do nothing but sit on the couch infront of the tv or infront of my computer. I have let myself go. I know my depression and anxiety has got the worst of me...time to go to a dr and try to get myself back in order.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Been Away For A Long Time...

Life just became over whelming and could not bring myself to write about it. Things are still crazy and depressing but I am coping better. At least right now I am. My husband and my sister are the only ones that have been there to keep me going.

I actually went home to NY in April to stay with my sister who I had not seen in 12 yrs. It was sooo nice to get away and be funny and goofy with my little sis again. Granted I was stressed out over leaving the hubby but he was in the hospital so was in good hands.

I have been a crafting has been my one hold on reality and sanity.  I will get back here some time tomorrow to share some of the things I have made. I have even designed a doll in my time away!  It is for my 2 yr old grandaughter for Xmas :D

Ok, time to go and catch up with some of my old blog acquaintances and see what everyone has been up to.....I am so glad to be back here!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I am still here....

I am just a little overwhelmed right now. I have to much on my plate that must be finished plus some things that I am wanting to do for fun, and I do not seem to be getting anywhere with any of it LOL
I am in the process of getting hubby's health insurance switched and it is such a pain. Have to switch doctors, pharmacy's, infusion clinics....the list goes on and on. On top of all of this I have to go back to work. I should explain it is not back to work in the normal sense. Hubby's new insurance will pay for a caregiver. As I am a certified care giver they will pay me a set number of hours a week, but I have to apply at agency's, have them hire me, then the insurance will reimburse the agency. So, I have to find time to get to these agency's, get new CPR and First Aid cards,I let mine expire, on top of everything else.
I am working on some knitting, but it is for orders that were placed and of course I am behind. I am behind on my Easter Garland :( I have decided that I will no longer be taking orders for knitting. I had not planned on doing custom orders to begin with. I had planned on spending this year knitting things up that caught my eye and then in the fall offering them for sale. Once these orders are done I am done. I actually have decided that I do not enjoy knitting to order or to sell. I just want to knit to enjoy and then find someone to give it to! Plus I really would like to knit for myself. In the year that I have been knitting I only have one item for myself....a pair of socks that were my first pair and do not fit :(
I have been doing some baking :)  I love to cook and to feed my loves ones and see them full and content lol. Must be the Italian in me :P
Anyways, I will be back soon, but am realistically looking at some time next week. Hugs!

Friday, February 19, 2010


 for the filet crochet easter eggs that have the opening in the front. You know they were starched and decorated with ribbons and things.  I have gone through some of my older pattern books and have googled it to no avail :( If you have one or know someone who has a pattern I am willing to pay for the pattern. I want to make these for my ornament tree. Thank you ;D

Will be away for a few days...

 I have a ton of stuff to get done in the craft room. So instead of worrying about blogging I am just going to spend a few days in the craft room getting it done :D Everyone have a wonderful crafty, productive weekend!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Easter Ornaments for..

The Easter Garland Along I am taking part in.The piglet is suppose to have a felt flower garland around his neck, but after 4 attempts at a flower I gave up and dug out the beads. It is not attatched in hopes that I will figure out how to make the flowers. also their are no hangers yet. I am half way through building an ornament tree, and I am praying that it turns out ok. I have seen tons of these in blog land and figured I would give it a try. If the tree works then I will figure out how I want to hang them lol
This is one of the items I  received from my mother in law today. Oh the plans I have for this!!
This old cast iron corn bread pan will adorn my new kitchen wall this spring!
Have a few plans for going to line the back with scrap book paper and modge podge and call it done.

I love this calendar! It is missing  3 numbers, but I am going to make them so no big deal! It has the cutest little painted tiles for the holidays :D
All in all I had a very nice day and pretty productive. I am off to knit on some socks :D

All The Wonder At My Mother In Laws


Hmmm, not quite the way I had intended this to come out LOL My mother in law stopped by today and asked me to go to her house with her. She had some things for me...and no it is none of the above. Although, I will be buying a few pieces of the above in March.
The hand crocheted bed linens at the top of the page she picked up at a yard sale this weekend. That is just a small part of it. She bought a whole bed set with multiple pillow cases for $3!!! 
The desk is a piece that she has had for some time now and is one of the pieces that I will be buying :D I am super thrilled :D
The long table with the green lamp on it she acquired last year sometime. She is debating on wether or not to sell this piece. I am really hoping she decides to sell, this would look amazing behind my sofa!
The spool table is another piece that she is moving out. She will not sell it, but says I can use it for the time being :D
I absolutely love her old office chair!!  Let me tell you, this thing is HEAVY!! She is on the look out for a second one.
I think her two floral huricane lamps are sooo pretty, I just wanted to share! Behind the lamps she has the most beautiful tray and perfumes bottles. The next time I go over we are going to pull it out to take pictures.
And finally her glass vase! I love everything about this piece.
I hope you enjoyed!