Friday, March 6, 2009

Been MIA...

because hubby is sick. Will be calling Monday am to get him an appt. to go into the hospital. On top of hubby being sick and waiting on him and fretting over him I have not been feeling well.

Today I started ordering things for my oldest daughters baby shower that is set for April 18th. This will be grandbaby number 3 and 2nd grandson :D I also started doing some crafting again today. I have not crafted for days! Today I finished a waffle icecream cup pincushion and I am half done with one of 5 dottees that I need to make :{ I just do not seem to have my crafting bug or inspiration :( I know that it is because I am overwhelmed with everything else, but this is stuff that I have to get done! And it is important that I enjoy it and not just throw something together...hence why the first dottee is only partially done. I just was not feeling it. And I just can not make myself work on anything else either.....ARG!!!

So, I am off to lay in bed and watch tv and hope that tomorrow is a better day.