Monday, August 30, 2010

Bad Day

Did not get picks up today. Was not the best day.  Did not get any crafting done or housework. Although I did a bunch of baking. I always seem to bake when I am happy or sad...go figure :D I made 3 dozen sugar cookies and have had 5 of them today.

So much has me down, but I am trying to not let it keep me down. I have been talking with my hubby and a couple friends from high school trying to get some perspective on things. I made some changes in friends today and have started talking about making changes in my daily life. I need to take better care of myself and start taking better care of my house and yard. I just get so down that I  do nothing but sit on the couch infront of the tv or infront of my computer. I have let myself go. I know my depression and anxiety has got the worst of me...time to go to a dr and try to get myself back in order.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Been Away For A Long Time...

Life just became over whelming and could not bring myself to write about it. Things are still crazy and depressing but I am coping better. At least right now I am. My husband and my sister are the only ones that have been there to keep me going.

I actually went home to NY in April to stay with my sister who I had not seen in 12 yrs. It was sooo nice to get away and be funny and goofy with my little sis again. Granted I was stressed out over leaving the hubby but he was in the hospital so was in good hands.

I have been a crafting has been my one hold on reality and sanity.  I will get back here some time tomorrow to share some of the things I have made. I have even designed a doll in my time away!  It is for my 2 yr old grandaughter for Xmas :D

Ok, time to go and catch up with some of my old blog acquaintances and see what everyone has been up to.....I am so glad to be back here!