Friday, May 1, 2009


So after getting hubby home from hospital I came down sick with pneumonia :( Today is the first day in almost a month that I feel human again. I woke up this morning and had my first cup of coffee in like over 2 weeks! Talk about a caffeine buzz lol. I have some crafting to get done, not alot and a few swaps that I need to get mailed. Unfortunately it will all have to wait to get mailed for 2 weeks. That is when I will have swap and craft money again :D

I will soon be looking for plane tickets for my sis and her son to come here from NY in July!!! I am super excited as I have not seen my sis in 12 years. I am going to buy a second sewing machine so that we can craft while she is here. Poor hubby will be run out of the house with our crafty mess :P

Will be doing my best to keep up on this now that I am on the road to recovery, but hubby is now starting to feel bad again :(

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