Monday, October 19, 2009

Trying to get this started again....

Life has been absolutely crazy here. My kids and whole family have gone to hell and been sicker than dogs for months now. One thing I have been able to do to help me keep my sanity is knitting.

My kids hopefully are getting their lives back where they should be. Hubby has been in the hospital multiple times since my last post and needs to go back in again. My in laws have been doing poorly. I am going down there 3 times a week to help them.

A few months ago we bought a puppy and we have a private trainer so that he can be a handi dog for my hubby. He is doing very well with his training.

I have been doing a lot of knitting and sewing. Tomorrow I will have to take pics of my finished projects and of Romeo the pup and post them. I have a ton more knitting and sewing to do for the fall season and for Christmas but at this rate with everyone being so sick not sure how much I will get done. I am also in the process of pulling the carpet out of the house and laying tile. Wish I had never started this...what a pain in the butt!

I have also started doing some preserving to give as gifts for the holidays. So far all I have made we are eating LOL Next month I will get the gifts done. Today on the way to my daughters for dinner I noticed that the road to their house was jam packed with prickly pear cactus that was full of fruit. I went on line and looked up when to harvest the fruit and how to make and can prickly pear jelly. Will be going back by my daughters later this week with a large box and heavy duty gloves....I am super excited to try my hand at this. :D

OH....we had horrible electrical problems with our house last month. It blew up or flat screen tv, hubby's xbox, my coffee pot and our cooler :( Had to have new wire ran and a larger fuse box put in.

Ok guess that is to pull out all my finished projects to start taking pics :D

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