Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yesterday was super busy!

Oh my gosh yesterday was non stop! Hubby and I spent the day shopping :D I went and did Christmas shopping for 2 of the grandbabies. I had set myself a limit for each of the kids. Yeah, well that did not work. Once I got to the store that limit went right out the window LOL There was just to much cute stuff that they just had to have :P Over $500 dollars later I was loading up the back of the car!!

After getting all of that loaded into the sewing room I went back out. I picked myself up a firepit for the back yard. It is soooo nice. Once I have it together I will post pics. I also went and got a few Halloween decorations for the side yard and front of the house :D Nothing fancy just enough for the grandbabies and niece to enjoy. Tonight we will be having a smores party in the yard!

Today we will be doing some more Christmas shopping :D I am super excited to be getting it done so early, but bummed that my sewing room will soon be unusable do to all the stuff LOL OH! I am buying a Brothers embroidery machine today!!! Found it on Craigslist brand new in an unopened box super cheap!!! To bad the sewing room is going to be so full LOL

Ok, well hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Will try to get some more pics posted tomorrow :D

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