Friday, December 4, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

So, we got home from the hospital the day before Thanksgiving. We went to a pot luck dinner which was very nice as I had nothing to cook LOL Hubby actually should just be getting out of the hospital, but he wanted to be home for the holidays so here we are.

I have been decorating the house, doing some canning and knitting like a fool. I have a few more batches of jam to make, tons of baking to start, and a few more items to knit. I have most of the actual Christmas shopping done. The only gifts left to get ready are gifts of money. Well, I lied. We are going to be buying things for Christmas stockings.

This is a very special Christmas for us this year. It is our first Christmas in 4 years that we will not be in th e hospital! We will be home for New Years also, which we have not done for 4 years also.

Below are pictures of my tree and decorations.

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