Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So Ready for Christmas

I have been so busy baking that I have neglected my little blog here. This year all of the adults in the family; including my adult children are receiving "goody bags" instead of the normal gift of money. So I have spent the last two weeks getting everything ready for the bags.
I canned 8 quarts of mixed berry jam, 8 quarts of strawberry, 8 quarts of blueberry and 4 of mango. I made 2 big batches of peppermint bark, 3 dozen ginger bread cookies and 7 dozen sugar cookies, and 2 gingerbread houses. Oh, and so far have made 2 double batches of rum balls, unfortunately the hubby keeps eating them before I can get around to bagging them. LOL Now I am on to the breads. I have made 5 loaves of cheddar/garlic beer bread and now am going to take on the scarey task of making yeast breads for the first time ever! I am excited to see how I do :D
I have the house clean and the carpets shampooed for the 20 guests I have invited for Christmas dinner! I live in a small place, well it is a 2 bedroom doublewide with an enclosed porch and a side yard. So, I am incorporating the porch and yard into the party. The porch is set with a table and chairs and will hold the cooler of ice for drinks. The side yard has my gazebo and table and chairs and I borrowed another table and chairs set from the inlaws. I have the tables all prettied up with table cloths and more chairs around my fire pit. I will keep the fire pit going for those that wander out there. Being in Tucson,AZ I am hoping that the weather is mild, but at this very minute it is very chilly, windy and raining! I hate to think of having to cram 20 people into my house :{
We will be opening gifts with the grandbabies on Christmas Eve Night. I want to have the time to really just relax and enjoy watching them and Christmas Day is just going to be to busy with cooking to do that.
I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year! Will post again after the first of the year.

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  1. what wonderful "goodie bags" for your family. How lucky they are!