Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Going Home

Hubby is doing Pulmonary Function testing tomorrow and we will finally be going home! I sent the pup home with my in laws earlier today. I am so looking forward to sitting on my couch knitting and watching tv. Or sitting in bed knitting and watching tv. Or sitting on my porch with a cup of coffee. Can you tell I miss my house? LOL
I know I have promised pics of my finished projects and have been bad and not posted them. They have not even been photographed yet. Hospital lighting is not the best. Before the weekend is over I will overload you with pics. The socks that I am working on for hospital employees are going well, but slow. Well, the first one was really slow. The second one is going much smoother. The pattern I am using is for a sock made on 2 circular needles and I am working on 5 sock kneedles. Needless to say the first one took some figuring out. But for only knitting one pair of socks and one single sock before this I think I did pretty well figuring it out! And just incase you are wondering, the single sock is the first in a pair that I was making for myself before the orders were placed. I will get to finishing the other one sometime. Ok I am getting back to packing to load up the car. Night.

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