Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh I miss my house....

We have been in the hospital now since the 5th. Hubby's lung function was only 20% when he was admitted :( He seems to be feeling a bit better mentally, but lung wise is just not improving. Tomorrow he does Pulmonary Function testing again so we will see where he is at.
I have been knitting :D I have finished one of the hubby's caps and am working on the second. He asked me if I could make him two tight fitting caps that would not come off while riding his motorcycle. The hats are made with Paton wool and I really like how these hats fit. I made them 2 inches smaller than the circumference of his head and they fit like a glove!!! The hats are "opposites", I flipped the colors to make the two. I will post pics when I finish the second one.
My next project after the hat will be a pair of socks for myself. A few months ago while at Michael's I found stretchy sock yarn and just had to have it. It has been sitting waiting for me to have the time to use it and the perfect pattern. Well, I will soon have the time and have found the perfect pattern LOL My fingers are itching to make socks!
Tomorrow I am going home to do our laundry and to go to my oldest daughters to pick up a couple pieces of furniture from her. She and her fiance are moving into a new place this week and will not have room for them. Now I have to find room for them!
I have plans to clean my sewing(junk) room while the hubby is in the hospital. It is a total disaster do to the holidays and just throwing everything that does not have a place in it. I am determined to throw out quite a bit of stuff! The hubby bought me an embroidery/sewing machine over 3 mths ago and I have yet to even plug it up; the main reason being that I can not get through all the junk to get to the sewing table LOL
Guess that is all for now. I am quite tired and think I will lay on my cot and read a book.

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