Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Super Excited!

Ok I will get to the super exciting part in just a bit. First let me update everyone on what is going on with the family. Hubby is still in the hospital. He does pulmonary function testing again tomorrow. We are not feeling very positive about an increase. Yesterday evening he came down with a virus cold thing and it has knocked him to the ground again. We will be happy if their is not a decrease. Looks like we will be here for another week.
My middle daughter went today to the local community college and signed up to train for a respiratory therapist and she starts in March!!! Hubby and I are very excited for her and proud of her :D Oldest daughter and her fiance are now settled in their new place and seem very happy. My son, the baby, lol is plugging along at his last year of high scool. Will be happy to see the last one walk across the stage to recieve their diploma.
Ok, now on to what I am really super excited about. I have toyed around with the idea of starting my own business selling handmade goods. I want to be able to sell hand knit items and also sewing crafts. I started knitting about 9 or 10 mths ago and have to say that I am very happy with the amount of progess and the quality of my work. I am always working on something here in the hospital and the staff is always commenting on it. Well, this evening in a matter of 30 minutes I took orders from 3 different people for 4 sets of socks total at a price of $25 dollars apeice!!! I was not sure what to price them at; or should I say what others are pricing theirs at, but I figured it was a pretty reasonable price. What do you think? You can leave me a comment if you have any suggestions. I am super super happy :D So, tomorrow I am off to pick up cotton and wool in their colors and setting my self down for a set amount of hours a day to get them done.
Oh, and the pics of the hubby's caps' have not been taken yet and as for my socks....I just finished the first one and now it will sit as a UFO until I have these three orders done. Depending on how hectic things are tomorrow I may be able to get to it.
I will be stopping by all my friendly blogs I am following before the end of the week...I promise. Looking forward to seeing what you all have been up to :)

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