Wednesday, February 17, 2010

All The Wonder At My Mother In Laws


Hmmm, not quite the way I had intended this to come out LOL My mother in law stopped by today and asked me to go to her house with her. She had some things for me...and no it is none of the above. Although, I will be buying a few pieces of the above in March.
The hand crocheted bed linens at the top of the page she picked up at a yard sale this weekend. That is just a small part of it. She bought a whole bed set with multiple pillow cases for $3!!! 
The desk is a piece that she has had for some time now and is one of the pieces that I will be buying :D I am super thrilled :D
The long table with the green lamp on it she acquired last year sometime. She is debating on wether or not to sell this piece. I am really hoping she decides to sell, this would look amazing behind my sofa!
The spool table is another piece that she is moving out. She will not sell it, but says I can use it for the time being :D
I absolutely love her old office chair!!  Let me tell you, this thing is HEAVY!! She is on the look out for a second one.
I think her two floral huricane lamps are sooo pretty, I just wanted to share! Behind the lamps she has the most beautiful tray and perfumes bottles. The next time I go over we are going to pull it out to take pictures.
And finally her glass vase! I love everything about this piece.
I hope you enjoyed!

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