Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Sleep Over Is Going Great!

First we had dinner....grilled cheese, french fries, veggies, doritos and ranch. This little guy will eat anything if it has ranch on it LOL  After dinner it was out to go for a walk through the park. He was so excited over the motion sensor lights on peoples homes! Oh to be entertained by something so simple. Come home and play some and now it is time for a bath. Ummmm.... "NO BATH" okay so it took me a half hour to convince him that he had to have a bath!
And yes he stayed up way to late playing with Nana and Papa and Romeo the puppy, but OH WE HAD SOO MUCH FUN!! It amazes me watching this little guy turn into a little boy. It seems just like yesterday that I was at the hospital watching this amazing angel come into the world.  
Well, It is 1 am and I better head to bed...we have a very busy day today. Shopping for toys and a picnic at the park! 


  1. OMG it looks like you guys had tons of fun! Wish me & Loubie had been able to come see him. How sweet :)