Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Easter Ornaments for..

The Easter Garland Along I am taking part in.The piglet is suppose to have a felt flower garland around his neck, but after 4 attempts at a flower I gave up and dug out the beads. It is not attatched in hopes that I will figure out how to make the flowers. also their are no hangers yet. I am half way through building an ornament tree, and I am praying that it turns out ok. I have seen tons of these in blog land and figured I would give it a try. If the tree works then I will figure out how I want to hang them lol
This is one of the items I  received from my mother in law today. Oh the plans I have for this!!
This old cast iron corn bread pan will adorn my new kitchen wall this spring!
Have a few plans for going to line the back with scrap book paper and modge podge and call it done.

I love this calendar! It is missing  3 numbers, but I am going to make them so no big deal! It has the cutest little painted tiles for the holidays :D
All in all I had a very nice day and pretty productive. I am off to knit on some socks :D


  1. You have made my day! How cute is a little white duck! Tomorrow you will get a rabbit and a bluebird!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your nice comment!!
    You sure have some wonderful treasures!! I just adore the little duckling and piglet, how sweet they are!
    Hugs, Carol Anne