Monday, February 8, 2010


wonder if it worked??? Ok so I have the template I want but it only shows up when I click on a specific post not for the main background. I am totally lost here ARG!!! Can anyone help??? ok I am about in tears..I am walking away :(
So, as you can see I did not get around to posting pics and if you have been here before you can see my blog looks different. I did not say better but different. I spent hours today trying to change my blog background and all I did was accomplish messing it up :(
Me and the hubby, middle daughter and her family had a nice couple hours with my son who turned 18 today! So hard for me to believe he is all grown up...he will always be my baby and my only son :) He let us know tonight that he is getting his first tattoo tomorrow. My hubby who is terminally ill has a "Mr. Lucky" on his chest...a skull in a top was his very first tattoo and he dearly loves it. Well, our son informed us that he is having "Mr. Lucky" put on his shoulder tomorrow for his "dad". Hubby is their step-dad but has helped me raise them for the last 11 years. He made me cry:)
I accomplished absolutely nothing today lol I had planned on finishing off 2 swags that I made yesterday. They just need some little bows, but I could not even get to that! I thought I would get some time to sit and work on the sock orders...yeah right! Housework, Laundry??? Ummm....maybe sometime this week :P And the poor hubby got left overs for dinner :D
Wednesday I am going to my oldest daughters to visit and have her computer guru fiance help me get my blog set the way I would like. I will be taking a notebook and taking very detailed notes LOL

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