Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Valentines Day Project

Well I did it again! My pics are backwards! How hard is it for me to remember to post them backwards to begin with?? So I have to say thank you to all the wonderful women whos blogs I follow for inspiring me to do this!!!I seem to get myself in a "rut" persay. When I start to knit that is all I do, or crochet, or paint or paper craft. Thanks to all the wonderful blogs that I follow I have gotten out of my "rut". I have learned that I can set down my knitting and head to the craft room for some quick, cute, fun project and no one will be injured because of it. LOL
So, through all the wonderful blogs that I follow, which you will find listed to the right side of this post, I found the alphabet templates at Happy Together. They are originally posted for "rag alphabet" letters for little ones to play with. Anyways, I took those letters and started by pulling out my felt and finding a glitter wool red felt. Then I came across a stash of glitter white felt..more on the thin side and cut around the letters a little larger with my pinking shears. Ok, so what to do next? I had plenty of both felts left so cut some red hearts.....decided to stay with the layout of the letters and cut white centers. I used the pinking shears for both red and white heart. now I have all of this....what to do with it???? Start looking at more blogs! Viola!! I have an idea. Kind of LOL So I head to JoAnn's for some ribbon. Found the main banner ribbon in the Valentines 50% off section and the ribbon that the letters hang from! Chaching!!
Come home and start playing with ideas.....after a little brainstorming :P and some added red bows to the hearts this is what I came up with! I had origally wanted to "curl" the ribbon on the sides but it did not work:( and I did not want to cut so into bows it went! Hope you enjoy :D

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