Monday, February 15, 2010

Feeling a little better...

I had a wonderful early Valentine with the hubby Friday evening. He took me to Cracker Barrel for dinner and let me shop in the gift shop!  I love their gift shop.  He bought me an adorable chocolate scented teddy bear, an old time looking wire chick that is an egg holder; have plans to alter it. And he bought me a red, heart shaped flower vase that I also plan on altering at some point. I have pics but do not have time just now to get them up.  To our luck Cracker Barrel was running a special that we did not know about before getting there, $5 off all purchases!! After dinner we came home to meet with my middle daughter and her hubby. We all went to see "The Wolfman" starring Anthony Hopkins and Benicio DelTurro!  It was an awesome scarey movie! After the movie the hubby took us all out for a few drinks at our favorite bar :D
Saturday was a quiet do nothing day, and I literally did nothing. Played around on the computer and watched tv, absolutely nothing that required my brain to function LOL My middle daughter and her family and my son were here in the evening and we all sat out in the yard around a fire chatting. A very relaxing, therapeutic day.
Sunday morning, Valentine's Day, the inlaws showed up toting a huge bouquet of roses!!  My wonderful hubby had given them money to buy them for him to give to me.  So beautiful!!!  On a sad note my cat decided to play with them that night and I lost some roses, but fortunately they fell off whole and have them sitting in an old tin bowl in my craft room :D
This evening we have our 28 mth old grandson coming to stay with us for a couple days.  We have plans to have a picnic at the park tomorrow! I may not be back until we send him home to his mom and dad, but when I come back I will have picks of my goodies and our little visitor :D

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  1. Awwww how sweet :) Give Anthony big hugs & kisses from Auntie Jamie :)