Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Hubby's Valentine.

Since I had no paper products I had to figure out something with fabric.   I pulled out my box of scrap fabric and I found a box of old cards!!!  I printed off my little squirrel and pasted it on to a postcard and then cut him out....hey whatever works right???  Then I found a vintage piece of lace...hmmm what next. How about a heart out of my glitter wool felt...great!  OK....now what?? Found an older looking type print fabric for the background...perfect!! I got it!!!  Take the back of an old card and cover it with the fabric for the base of my card.  Hmmm...now where to put my squirrel....played around and did not like him just "put" on there. I need a pocket!  Yep that is perfect :D  Some vintage lace to hang and a little cream bow on the heart and Viola!!  Done and I think it turned out pretty nice for my first attempt at something like this :D

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