Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I am still here....

I am just a little overwhelmed right now. I have to much on my plate that must be finished plus some things that I am wanting to do for fun, and I do not seem to be getting anywhere with any of it LOL
I am in the process of getting hubby's health insurance switched and it is such a pain. Have to switch doctors, pharmacy's, infusion clinics....the list goes on and on. On top of all of this I have to go back to work. I should explain it is not back to work in the normal sense. Hubby's new insurance will pay for a caregiver. As I am a certified care giver they will pay me a set number of hours a week, but I have to apply at agency's, have them hire me, then the insurance will reimburse the agency. So, I have to find time to get to these agency's, get new CPR and First Aid cards,I let mine expire, on top of everything else.
I am working on some knitting, but it is for orders that were placed and of course I am behind. I am behind on my Easter Garland :( I have decided that I will no longer be taking orders for knitting. I had not planned on doing custom orders to begin with. I had planned on spending this year knitting things up that caught my eye and then in the fall offering them for sale. Once these orders are done I am done. I actually have decided that I do not enjoy knitting to order or to sell. I just want to knit to enjoy and then find someone to give it to! Plus I really would like to knit for myself. In the year that I have been knitting I only have one item for myself....a pair of socks that were my first pair and do not fit :(
I have been doing some baking :)  I love to cook and to feed my loves ones and see them full and content lol. Must be the Italian in me :P
Anyways, I will be back soon, but am realistically looking at some time next week. Hugs!


  1. Take your time, sweetie. We are here when you return. Hope DH is going to be fine.

    Have a great eve ...
    Hugs, Marydon

  2. I sure do understand the overwhelmed feeling! Don't worry - take care of yourself and your dear husband and blog when you get a chance. We understand and will always be around when you have time to check in. Thanks for the visit!