Thursday, February 11, 2010

With Everything That Is Going On, Now....

someone has just tried to break in my house!!!  Literally just happened less than a half hour ago. Hubby and I are laying in bed with all the lights off watching tv and all of a sudden we here someone yell "Anybody Home"  What the hell ???? And that is what I yelled.  Someone was in my house!! I came creeping down my hall and did not see anyone. So I get brave and grab a flashlight and a weapon and head onto the enclosed front porch. Still nothing. Hit the side yard and see that my inside shed light is on. Come back around to the front of the house and hear something on the other side of the house where my car and another shed are. Heard something and thought it was coming from inside the shed. I fling the door open and hear someone go over the fence behind the shed!!!  Came running back to the house and called the managers
Just two days ago a neighbor had a bike stolen out of his yard and now this. We obviously have someone or two raiding our neighborhood. We live in a very small and quiet 55+ mobile home park, but on the other side of the property is a very large mobile home park. We are thinking whoever it is came from there. The managers of our park will be calling the police dept. tomorrow to report what has been going on here and ask for them to add the park to their patrols for a few days. Maybe it will scare whoever is doing this away.
So much adrenaline and now I am wide awake :(  With the bad weather that we have been having my hubby has been having a very hard time with his breathing and sleeping; so now we are awake  probably until the sun comes up.  Hubby is watching a movie on his computer and I think I will cruise the web with a cup of hot tea.

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  1. Had this happen to us a couple of times in our life ... scares the tar outta one! Glad you are safe & sound.

    Happy Valentine's
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, TTFN ~Marydon