Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Fun Day

Oh what a day!! I fixed breakfast for the hubby and grandson, then it was time for us all to get dressed. Grandson and I played in the yard with the puppy then it was time for lunch. After lunch I had plans to do some shopping and to go to a local park. Well, we only managed to make it to the park and let me tell you I barely made it through the park LOL 
The grandson had sooo much fun running around playing with all the other kids and I had fun chasing him...until the last 20 minutes. I was wooped! Poor thing came home asked me to take off his socks and shoes, laid on the couch and was out :D  That was 2 hrs ago and he is still out!  I am just too wore out to post pics tonight. I think I will get him up to eat some dinner, into the tub and p.j's and lay on the couch and watch tv with him. Have a nice evening.

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  1. Dear Nana, Please be sure and let me know if you do make an ornament. I'm so honored that you like them! You always leave such sweet comments on my blog, and I wanted you to know how much they are appreciated. Your little grandson is a real cutie - he's the type of exhaustion that feels so good at the end of the day! So nice to meet you! Elizabeth