Friday, February 5, 2010

Finally some time to update part 1

This little storage unit I found at Family Dollar for $20, just perfect for
putting in the closet to hold yarn!
A bookshelf holding an assortment of things.

My mother in law found this at a yard sale and bought it...I just had to
have it! Have to figure out how and where to hang it.

One of my favorite chairs, a lap quilt waiting to be quilted and
another shot of the old bottles

a few days ago this was just a large cupboard. After a trip to
Lowes it now has shelves and is more usable. It is not the best
place for my fabric, but it works.
So, I have been trying to get the socks done for the orders that were placed. It is slow going. Since getting home from the hospital there has been so much to do in the house and for the family. And I am finding that I am just very easily distracted and frustrated lately. Think I am stretching myself to thin.
I am excited to tell you that the first week of April I will be going to my hometown for a week! I have not been home for 12 years and can not wait to see the old town. I will be staying with my little sis and her family. I had not planned on leaving her house except to video around town for my hubby and kids, but just recently hooked up with a load of highschool friends through Facebook! I am hoping to be able to meet up with some of them while visiting :D A week just is not going to be long enough :(

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